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Documentation and Support

Welcome to the UC Learning Center documentation and support site. When you log in to the UC Learning Center you will see the Home page.



If you have an active pop-up blocker, you should receive a message letting you know that "Pop-up blockers will affect the use of this site." The safest way to allow pop-ups from the UC Learning Center is to simply add to the list of "allowed sites" in your pop-up blocker settings in Internet Explorer. In Safari, you must disable your pop-up blocker and then reenable it (the shortcut for this is Shift+CMD+K). See the following videos for more help.





On the UC Learning Center Home Page, you will see the Quick Links. These are the pages you visit most often in the UC Learning Center.

You'll also see the Search box to search for training activities by keyword along with Messages where you will see any messages that have been sent to you recently and under Favorites, you will see any categories you have saved in the system for quick access.

Take note of the Location path. As you navigate anywhere within the system, it helps you orient yourself by displaying your location path at the top of the page. Your location path is a trail of links, consisting of your starting point – your Home page link – plus any other links you used to get to your present location in the interface. Each part of the location path is separated by the > symbol.

No matter where you are within the user interface, you can view your location path on the top left corner of the page, underneath the menu bar. You can click any of the links in the location path to access that page.

For example, if your location path shows Home > Learn - Training Schedule then you are on the Training Schedule page. You can click the Home link in the path to quickly navigate back to the Home page.


Browse the Catalog

To browse the catalog and view the available training activities under a specific category, click on the Catalog link in the quick access navigation bar.


Search for Training

If you have a training activity in mind that you wish to search for, you can use the Search box on the Home page. Find the search box on the left.


Type in any keywords for the training activity you are interested in and select Go.


View Activity Details

Whether searching for a specific training activity or browsing the catalog, you may find there are multiple listings to review. You'll notice the list includes the activity name. If it is classroom training, you will see a start date. You can reorder the list by clicking on the headers (activity name, start date, etc.) Note that if there are more than 10 listings, you'll also see a Next button that you can click to see the additional pages of listings.


If you click on a title of an activity, you’ll see a brief description below.


Select the View Details button to review more information, such as start time or location.


In the activity details popup you can click the arrows to expand the sections as needed.


Register for Training

Whether you have searched for a specific training activity or browsed the catalog, once you have decided on the activity in which you wish to enroll, these are the steps you can take to register. From the search results list, click on the title of the activity in which you are interested. Click Register.


On the registration page you'll see more information about the activity. Depending on the activity there may be multiple options to choose from, or selections may be made for you if they are required as part of the activity. Click Submit.


For courses that require payment, you can visit the help page for recharges by clicking the thumbnail below.


View the Activity Details page with your confirmation.


View Training Schedule

On the Home page, select Schedule.


Review the Training Schedule page to view current registrations.


There are a variety of view options.


Cancel a Registration

Registration can be canceled for training activities in which you are enrolled through your schedule in the UC Learning Center’s Home Page. Select the Schedule link.


On the Training Schedule page, find the training activity you wish to cancel. Select the check box on the far left column and click Go (next to the Cancel registration task drop-down menu).


On the Cancellation Confirmation select Cancel Marked to complete your cancellation. If there are multiple classes or modules associated with the activity click Select All first and then Cancel Marked.


Launch eCourse

Once you have registered for an activity that is an online module (eCourse), you can launch the module from the Activity Details page. On the Activity Details page look for the Start button next to the activity title. Click the Start button to launch the module. The module will open in a new window or tab (depending on your browser settings). Make sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers or the module will not be able to launch. Click here for steps on disabling pop-up blockers for the most common browsers.


Return to eCourse

If you have registered for or started an online activity but not completed it, you may return to the module on the Home Page. Select Schedule.


Find the online activity you wish to launch. Select the Start button to launch the module. Depending on the type of course (i.e. Topics) you may need to click on the course before you will see the Start button.


View Assigned Training

You can access your assigned and recommended training right from the UC Learning Center Home Page under To Do.


To review the list of your assigned or recommended training activities and any due dates or expiration dates for those activities that must be repeated at defined intervals, select Training Analysis under the Assess menu.


View Transcript and Print Certificates

In the UC Learning Center you can review and print your transcript as well as print out a certificate of completion for specific activities. On the Home page select Transcript.


Review the list of activities on your transcript and select Export to PDF if you wish to print out a paper copy.


Click on the title of an activity to go to the Activity Details page. Click on the diploma icon next to the title of the activity.


Review the certificate and print out a copy if needed.


The following is a brief screencast on logging in, viewing your transcript, and printing a certificate of completion.