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Recharges in the UC Learning Center: How do I Fill in This Box When Registering for a Class?

**Note: To pay by check, please contact


Before signing up for a pay class ensure your supervisor approves the request.

Upon signing up, you will need to provide your department’s Fund and Org codes to be charged for the expense.

Ask your supervisory or budget person for the correct Fund and Org to charge. To decipher the number:

Fund  = five digit number (uniquely identifies all sources of funding)

Org  = six digit number (unit of budgetary responsibility, ie your department)

Account remains as 001150 (this designates the expenditure is for training)

Activity code = optional (some units use this to track cost center spending)

Supervisor CruzID – their email address without the  Note we will only email your supervisor if there is a problem. We do not email supervisors for training approval.

Here’s a sample:

(you’ll replace the sample Fund and Org with the ones your supervisor or budget person provides)

fund and org

**Note:  Departments will not be charged until after the class date. You will not be sent a recharge form. If you are a no-show and do not cancel your enrollment, your department will be charged for the class. For assistance canceling a course please see